What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation refers to the use of software to implement a process which displays, creates and sends marketing messages on the basis of certain criteria. The main functionality of marketing automation is to help find the right audience for your product or service, customer engagement and brand management. It envisages driving customer leads and helps organisations maintain a better brand experience for its customers.

Marketing Automation incorporates campaigns through direct mail, phone campaigns, online, social and use of mobile marketing initiatives. It covers a wide arena of processes which includes customer relationship management, customer segmentation, social marketing and mobile marketing campaigns, lead management system, customer data integration, web analytics platform, marketing analytics, engagement marketing, customer lifecycle management and campaign management.

These automation tools have a definitive edge over traditional forms of reaching out to customers in the very essence that unlike manual marketing campaigns, these automations can be left running in the background system, thereby allowing the marketing managers to focus their attention and time to other activities of sales and marketing. In the highly digitised world in we live in, it is a given fact that manual marketing processes cannot handle what it takes to generate personalized buying experience for customers at each and every step of the buying process. It is the need of the hour for organisations today to have a robust and insight-focussed marketing plan which can make the difference between an engaged seller and not-so engaged one and having the right marketing automation package at the helm can surely be an integral component of the marketing strategy for organisations to bring value and ROI to its marketing efforts.


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