Customers can choose among different templates that will be available for them. Choose the best suited for your need and you are ready to go! This is even applicable for micro site/ landing pages and can be easily integrated with the same Your customer will not be of one type. They will be from multiple industry domains and will be diversified. One size fits all may not hold well in these scenarios and website should not be compromised for this reason. We have equipped Clusterzap in such a way that it enables you to customize your website content, forms, images and CTAs catering to every need of visitors and customers. Customize based on where a visitor is in their buying process, so your loyal customers receive a different website experience than first-time visitors. This can be done through usage of templates in template library just follow the easy steps below
  • Every template has multiple pages Layouting option
  • Multi page layouts that are available
  • Multi design pages that are available
  • Build using iterative web building technique
  • choose what page you want in the template instead of loading the entire templat


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