Event Management with ROI Tracking

Clusterzap provides a platform for you to manage anything from a simple webinar /all the way to a large scale conference, at scale with minimal rework. 
Events/webinars/Live demonstrations provide opportunity to connect with prospects and customers. Events will get better response through series of digital marketing campaigns whether it's live in-person or online. clusterzap marketing platform provides the easy way of developing and managing the events digitally. This will help us to track and increase the response rate of every activity.
With clusterzap, events are easy and completely flexible to manage. With clusterzap, you can easily:
  • Connect to popular third-party technologies such as Adobe® Connect, Cisco WebEx®, Citrix GoToWebinar®, ON24 and ReadyTalk etc.
  • Configure an event, including emails, forms and landing pages, to minimize efforts for future events.
  • Analyze the performance of the event with our analytics integration.


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