Are you looking for a Content Management System that makes it easy to publish content in one click?
That's a given. But what about one that enables you to do more with the content you publish? Clusterzap's CMS ties your content into a full-funnel marketing system, optimizes it for search, adjusts to mobile, and even allows you to tailor your website to different visitors.
Create and manage your digital presence with our enterprise grade web portal building solution. Large corporate can run multiple events simultaneously without having to be dependent on their vendors. Customers can also save time by using Common Layouting option to publish on multiple pages.
Build your web portal to bring information together from various sources to portray the best of marketing face to your customers
Allows full HTML5/CSS3 source code access, with option to build portals up to 5000 pages. Flexible and easy for both novice and experienced developers
Sandbox and production site publishing features are available per page / publish entire site as per your requirement. Sandbox publishing helps users to publish the whole website onto a temporary web domain location. Once the user is satisfied with the site, then they can push the same to production.
Build multiple sites and publish the ones which are complete. This will help you build few pages and publish it for the active site, parallel to building a massive portal and publish once the complete work is done. Review the web portal before going live. The above feature also helps build multiple variant website and helps in seasonal change of web design.
If you want to build the website from scratch to develop a completely new web portal , It can be done through new template option. This option is really helpful if you are a developer/have an html developer with you. User will be able to build the site from scratch/ migrate their existing html5 site to the platform.